A Faith-Friendly High School

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What elements do you look for in an online school for your student? A challenging curriculum? Affordable tuition? Schedule flexibility? How about a faith-friendly environment?

Many high schools today have adopted curricula that have some parents concerned. Sometimes it can be hard to find a local school with a curriculum that feels comfortable and neutral.

Our academic curriculum includes the required core courses that US high school students normally complete (English, math, science, social studies). Our American History and Government courses are politically neutral, and our ADEIL Award-winning freshman English course encourages students to think deeply about their core values through the study of standard literature traditionally taught in US high schools. Our popular health and physical education courses teach students to make wise, science-backed choices about their health and fitness without pushing any agenda.

Although our courses are secular in nature, students are free to express their faith in course discussions and written work when appropriate. We invite students to engage in thoughtful comments and recognize the merit in many points of view. Our vision states that we prepare students to “understand important ideas from multiple perspectives to prepare them for future challenges and service to their family, community, and world.”

One of the most commonly asked questions about BYU OHS is, “Do you have to be a Latter-day Saint (aka “Mormon”) to attend?” The answer is no! While BYU OHS is affiliated with Brigham Young University (a private university sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), our high school courses do not teach religious doctrine, and we welcome students of any faith or no religious faith.

We do promote spiritually strengthening values that can apply to people of all belief systems. Students who participate in a faith-based educational experience may receive up to 2.0 elective course credits. For example, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints may receive credit for completing Seminary or Institute courses.

Simply put, BYU Online High School is a faith-friendly environment, and we welcome students of all faiths and backgrounds who seek inspiring learning. We invite you to find out more by speaking to an advisor, checking out our curriculum, and exploring whether BYU OHS is the right fit for your family!

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