Financial Assistance

BYU Online High School

BYU Online High School is a full-time, diploma-granting, private high school that seeks to provide an exceptional education at an affordable cost. BYU OHS offers an outstanding learning experience that is also an outstanding value.

Because our school is a private institution not supported by public funding, tuition or per-course fees are normally paid by the student’s family. However, generous donors have made it possible for students to apply for financial assistance if they cannot afford the full cost of participation. Awards are granted in amounts covering either partial tuition or full tuition. Eligible students must be enrolled full-time in BYU OHS Open Enrollment or Semester Enrollment.

Applications are evaluated separately from admission applications and are reviewed every week. In order for a student’s application to be considered, they must have an active admissions application in our system. Any financial aid awarded must be applied toward tuition costs (not school supplies, computers, etc.).

For more information or to apply, please see the Financial Aid Application.

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