Here’s What the BYU OHS Fall Schedule Will Look Like!

BYU Online High School

The 2020–2021 inaugural school year was an exciting and unique one for BYU Online High School.

Starting this fall, Semester Enrollment students will be able to participate in a hybrid learning schedule. What does that mean? Our English, math, social studies, and science teachers will hold one live online lesson per week. Electives and all other required courses will continue to be completed independently within the semester-based schedule.

Increased support and live instruction for students will provide students with more personalized instruction. This format will also give students opportunities for more socialization, higher levels of engagement, and better clarity for upcoming assignments.

Students’ weekly synchronous classes in each core subject will be delivered through Virtual Live Instruction (VLI). Classes will be scheduled at set times weekly and will be offered both in the mornings and afternoons (Mountain Time), accommodating our global student body.

History and math classes will be taught on Mondays, and English and science classes will be taught on Tuesdays. Non-core classes will continue to be taught through Virtual Live Instruction (not all on a weekly basis). VLI courses will be recorded so students unable to attend a live class can watch it later.

Other events that will continue to be offered weekly include online hangouts (allowing students to gather virtually and talk) and Especially for Friday workshops with inspiring guest speakers. Huddles with an academic advisor will now be held every other week rather than weekly, but students who prefer or need it on a weekly basis can schedule that.

Please see the sample schedule below to see how a student’s core classes may line up (final schedules to be announced).

Sample table of a weekly student schedule

Considering enrolling in BYU Online High School? See the 2021–22 school year calendar below! Check out the vacation time:

  • a full week off for fall break
  • a full week off for Thanksgiving
  • three full weeks for Christmas break
  • and still more time off in the spring!

BYU OHS gives more weekly vacations and breaks than a traditional high school while still providing a full schedule and your choice of more than 250 accredited courses that cover world languages, AP classes, and all the core graduation requirements.

BYU OHS allows students more flexibility with their schedules and time to pursue other extracurricular activities (see articles about Felicity and Tega). Choose either Semester Enrollment or Open Enrollment, as well as Standard Track or Advanced Track courses, and find a high school mode that is the best fit.

For more information, email us at or call 1-800-914-8931. Find out what makes our school—and our students—so amazing!

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