Learn How to Speed Read 

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Do you ever feel frustrated with your pace of reading? Sometimes we sacrifice comprehension because we skim (or skip!) reading assignments. To the opposite extreme, sometimes we may miss deadlines in an effort to comprehend every single word.  

With timed tests, approaching deadlines, and a large number emails, books, and documents to read, learning to speed-read is a great time investment. And yes, it is a skill that anyone can learn! 

Speed Reading Course 

In Speed Reading (READ 041), an elective course, you will be given to the tools you need to achieve the following: 

  • Become motivated to learn how to read better.  
  • Replace poor reading habits with better ones.  
  • Train your eyes to skim a page effectively.   
  • Learn and apply the three steps for better reading: previewing, seeing, and mapping.  
  • Use the techniques you use for better reading throughout your life.  

If you are an Open Enrollment student and want to earn elective credit, sign up for the Speed Reading course by logging in, adding the course to your cart, and checking out.  

If you are a Semester Enrollment student and would like to earn elective credit, sign up during your normal registration process for next semester. 

Free Noncredit Course 

BYU Independent Study offers a free, noncredit version of this course—Speed Reading (Free).* The only course-related resource you will need to buy is a textbook that can be found online for around $2. Anyone with a Net ID can sign up and learn speed-reading skills.  

Happy reading! 




*Terms and limitations apply. 

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