Meet Three BYU OHS Brothers!

Three brothers

Jared, Nathan, and Ryan are three brothers who love BYU Online High School.  

Because their family moved several times, schooling became complicated. BYU Online High School provided them freedom to customize their education and qualify for a high-quality college experience. They love learning at their own pace and having time for hands-on projects during the daytime.    

Jared began homeschooling at eight years old and attended BYU OHS for his entire high school career. "I had the option to pick from such a wide variety of classes, and then complete them on my own timeline,” Jared said. 

Jared encourages other BYU OHS students to use this freedom to its full advantage. He said that while online school made it tempting to procrastinate, he also saw a huge opportunity to learn as quickly as he wanted. This freed up time to pursue design and building projects.

“I get passionate about building things or trying to improve upon an existing design,” Jared said. “When I get an idea for a construction project or draw up plans to redesign a space, I feel motivated to work hard for that goal.” 

According to Jessica, the brothers’ mom, she was amazed at what Jared and his siblings were capable of creating and accomplishing when given the opportunity to do so. “Thanks to BYU OHS, Jared had the time and flexibility to pursue some of his passions without compromising his education.  We couldn't be more grateful!” 

Jared said that his experience with the BYU OHS program was “awesome,” and he's really glad that he took that path for high school. While some of the classes Jared took were challenging, he said they served as excellent preparation for his college courses. 

“It gave me a lot of freedom and has taught me to be responsible for planning out my time, which has been really helpful now that I’m in college,” Jared said.

Nathan, Jared’s younger brother, followed a very similar path for his high school experience.  

The year after Jared enrolled in BYU OHS, Nathan enrolled. He said that while the adjustment to a new curriculum and course style was challenging, he had a wonderful first year and has continued ever since.  

“Having almost completed all four years of my high school education through BYU OHS, I can look back now and recognize all the things I've learned through this experience,” Nathan said.   

Nathan said he found OHS courses to be both challenging and rewarding. In addition to the subject content that he learned, he also gained valuable lessons in time management, goal setting, and prioritization. Like Jared, Nathan enjoys the flexibility to choose how and when he does schoolwork.  

The youngest Perry brother, Ryan, has chosen BYU OHS along with his older brothers. All three brothers have been able to pursue many interests and hobbies because of online learning. Ryan loves playing the piano and spends a lot of time outdoors observing different birds and animals, gardening, playing sports, taking care of the family’s chickens, running, and biking. 

“I love that BYU's online high school program has allowed me to spend more time doing the things I love while still getting a great education,” Ryan said.    

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