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Here’s What the BYU OHS Fall Schedule Will Look Like!

The 2020–2021 inaugural school year was an exciting and unique one for BYU Online High School.

Starting this fall, Semester Enrollment students will be able to participate in a hybrid learning schedule. What does that mean? Our English, math, social studies, and science teachers will hold one live online lesson per week. Electives and all other required courses will continue to be completed independently within the semester-based schedule.

The Last 2020-2021 Especially for Friday Speaker!

We hope you have enjoyed each of our Especially for Friday events this year. We are excited to announce our last speaker of the school year, Emily Wright of the Utah Valley Institute of Religion. Originally from Manassas, Virginia, Emily earned her bachelor’s degree from BYU in Exercise Science and her master’s degree from Arizona State University in Family and Human Development. She will be addressing us this Friday, May 21. So before we hear from her, let’s get to know her a little bit! 

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