Why an Aspiring Professional Golfer Chose BYU Online High School

Becoming a professional athlete requires hard work, dedication, and countless hours of practice. But if you’re a teenager who dreams of making it big, how do you balance all those practice hours with school, homework, and everyday life?

For one young athlete, the answer is BYU Online High School.

Meet Felicity, an aspiring professional golfer and high school freshman who has found a way to balance solid academics with practice time on the green.The BYU OHS full-time high school program gives Felicity a level of flexibility that allows daytime playtime.

picture of Felicity

“I practice two to three hours on a normal weekday and sometimes four or five. On weekends, a tournament, practice, or rounds can add up to six hours daily. BYU makes it possible for me spend an entire week on site at a golf facility, alternating schoolwork and golf to meet the demands of both."  

Originally from Beijing, China, Felicity and her mother, Teresa, moved to the United States in 2017 to pursue a golfing dream. “I started golf in eighth grade and soon realized I’d need to organize my studies in a way that would allow me to maximize practice time. The school I attended previously didn’t have a golf team, so the need to travel for practice and competition also entered the picture. Online course delivery available at my local public school was not flexible enough to make that possible. BYU's OHS program offers the greater flexibility that makes it possible for me to do it all!"

With days often filled with travel, tournaments, and practice, Felicity's best hours for classes and study are often at night. She can also complete courses on her own timetable, an option that public and private schools don’t offer.

Felicity teeing off on the golf course

“My previous school used a hybrid model combining in-person and online session. This didn’t suit my particular needs. BYU’s Online High School’s all-online model and well-organized delivery system gave me confidence that I could follow all my dreams for both golf and schoolwork."

Felicity’s mom Teresa says, “We heard about BYU OHS from another family that was very happy with Independent Study. After taking a close look at this opportunity, we decided it would give Felicity a solid academic background while letting her fully explore her potential with golf."

In deciding for BYU OHS, education quality was a critical factor alongside time flexibility. Teresa says, “BYU OHS has turned out to be more rigorous than Felicity’s previous school experiences, and even more rigorous than we expected. She is challenged and noticeably growing through the program.”

Felicity is up for the challenge. “I like having high standards and feeling a little bit stressed about the things I have to do.” Sounds like she’s a great fit for a career in golf!

Felicity’s mom puts it this way: “When you are young, the greatest advantage you can have is to boldly do whatever you can in whatever pursuits inspire and excite you. Sometimes a traditional approach to school doesn’t really allow that.”

Are you ready for a challenge? Do you wish for a school experience that makes it possible for you to pursue all your dreams? BYU OHS advisors are available to answer your questions. 


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