Advanced Diploma Track

Students who opt into the Advanced Diploma Track seek more academically rigorous course requirements to prepare them for standardized tests and admission to competitive colleges and universities.

In addition, the following guidelines apply:

  • Applicants should be at least 14 years old.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 3.5 credits (7 courses) every 6 months.
  • Students must complete 28.0 credits.
  • Students must complete
    • at least two years of progressive world language credit
    • at least one college-level course in each core subject
  • Eligibility for Diploma: Complete a minimum of 7.0 credits (14 courses) through BYU Online High School (BYU OHS); Complete a minimum of 25% of their credits through BYU OHS to earn a BYU OHS diploma. These credits may be split between the junior and senior years. Students must be enrolled in the semester in which they intend to graduate.

Note: Although most colleges accept credits from the BYU OHS programs, students should always consult with their intended college before enrolling.

Required Courses (Utah State Standards)

English (4.0 credits)

Complete these courses:

9th Grade English:
ENGL 041, 043

10th Grade English:
ENGL 045, 047

11th Grade English:
ENGL 051, 053

12th Grade English:
WRTG 150

Math (4.0 credits)

Complete at least the first three of these course sequences:

Algebra 1:
ALG 051, 053

GEOM 041, 043

Algebra 2:
ALG 055, 057

PRECALC 041, 043


Secondary Mathematics I:
MATH 051, 052

Secondary Mathematics II:
MATH 053, 054

Secondary Mathematics III:
MATH 055, 056

PRECALC 041, 043

Complete at least one of these college-level courses:

College Algebra:
MATH 110

STAT 121

MATH 111

MATH 112 or
APCALC 061, 063

Science (4.0 credits)

Complete at least two Science core credits, one additional Science core or elective credit, and one college-level credit:

Science core:

Earth Science:
EARTH 041, 043

BIOL 041, 043 or
BIO 100 or
APBIO 059, 060

PHSCS 041, 043

CHEM 061, 063 or

Science electives:

See our Course Catalog for options:

Social Studies (3.0 credits)

Complete three credits of Social Studies courses (at least one of these credits needs to be a college-level course):

World Geography:
GEOG 041 or
APHUMGEOG 061, 063

World History:
HIST 061 or
APHIST 063, 064

US History:
HIST 041, 043 or
AHTG 100 or
APHIST 061, 062

US Government:
GOVT 041 or
POLI 110 or

Complete additional Social Studies elective, if needed:

See our Course Catalog for options:

Health/Physical Education (2.0 credits)

Complete both of the following Health/Physical Education courses:

Health Education:
HLTH 041

Physical Education:
FIT 041

Complete two PE electives (1.0 credit):

FIT 045
BOWL 041
FIT 049
GOLF 041
JOG 041
SWIM 043
TEN 041
WALK 041

Career & Technical Education (1.0 credit)

Complete two Career & Technical Education courses:

See our Course Catalog for options:

Digital Studies (0.5 credit)

Complete one Digital Studies course:

Computer Science:
CS 041

Business Office Specialist:
CS 045

Fine Arts (1.5 credit)

Complete any three Fine Arts (or Visual and Performing Arts) courses:

See our Course Catalog for options:

Financial Literacy (0.5 credit)

Complete the following Financial Literacy course:

Financial Literacy:
FINL 041

World Language (2.0 credits)

Complete a two-year World Language sequence from these courses:

SPAN 041, 043, 051, 053, 061, 063

American Sign Language:
ASL 041, 043, 051, 053

CHIN 041, 043, 051, 053

FREN 041, 043, 051, 053

GERM 041, 043, 051, 053

JAPAN 041, 043, 051, 053

KOREA 041, 043, 051, 053

LATIN 041, 043, 051, 053

RUSS 041, 043, 051, 053

Elective (5.5 credits)

Complete 5.5 credits of elective courses:

1.0 credits must come from our Career & College Readiness (CCR) course.

Other elective courses are any nonrequired courses offered that have not previously been taken. Courses that may fulfill the requirements for two or more subjects can only be counted once.

See our Course Catalog for options:

AP Courses

View the list of available AP courses.

* Students who plan on attending BYU after high school and who take AP exams should go to see if they are able to receive credit to fulfill specific BYU graduation requirements

Concurrent Enrollment Courses

Concurrent enrollment courses count for one BYU Independent Study high school credit and three BYU university credits. To participate in concurrent enrollment courses students must have completed at least 12 high school credits and have at least a 3.0 GPA. Students must also submit a Concurrent Enrollment Form for authorization prior to enrolling in the course.

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