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Join a session, learn more, and ask questions! A BYU Online High School administrator will explain how our diploma programs work and what is expected of students.

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icon of apple on three books Challenging Curriculum Students at every learning level benefit from our standards-based curriculum.
icon of a person and network Individualized Student Support Students are set to succeed with academic counseling, graduation planning, interactive teaching, and results-focused tutoring services.
icon of a desk globe with a letter Y Global Student Body Students participate in interactions and friendships with other students from around the world.
icon of praying hands Faith-Friendly Environment Students of all faiths are free to express their faith in our secular courses.
icon of hand and cash Affordable Tuition BYU OHS offers a high-quality, interactive education at a surprisingly low cost.
icon of megaphone with letters B.Y.U. Active Student Community Students enjoy clubs, live lessons, hangouts, and motivational guest speakers through devotionals and forums.

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