Meet Mrs. Elise Hatton

BYU Online High School offers students a unique and personalized learning experience for students. Whether you’re interested in history, geography, or science, you will be able to have fun and learn in a way that works best for you.

Mrs. Elise Hatton, a secondary science teacher for BYU OHS, has taught both in-person and online. Her favorite part of being an online teacher is seeing how online technology allows BYU OHS to become a true “worldwide campus.”

"We have, this year, students on all six habitable continents,” Hatton said.

Recommended High School Course Options

It can be a challenge to figure out which classes you want to take in high school. You have some freedom to pick and choose when it comes to your electives, but not so much when it comes to the core classes.  

Most high schools have a required curriculum that every student must take in order to graduate, and it generally looks something like this: 4 years of English, 3–4 years of math (3 is required; 4 is optional), 2–3 years of history/social studies, and 2–3 years of science. 

Financial Assistance

BYU Online High School is a full-time, diploma-granting, private high school that seeks to provide an exceptional education at an affordable cost. BYU OHS offers an outstanding learning experience that is also an outstanding value.

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