Semester Enrollment

How to Organize Your Time (Student Insights)

BYU OHS students tend to be driven, engaged, and excited about learning. Some have shared insights about how they set themselves up for success with online school. Not only do their tactics teach us how to juggle school responsibilities, but they also teach us skills to lead more fulfilling and successful lives. Read on for time-management words of wisdom from BYU OHS ninth-graders—who are just 14–15 years old! 

2021–2022 Enrollment Open Now!

Does online high school work better for your family? Would your teenagers like to earn a high school diploma from BYU? If so, our new online high school can make that possible! 

BYU Online High School offers an ideal blend of structure and flexibility. Students develop great time management skills and take challenging online courses with the support of advisors, teachers, and classmates. Weekly activities provide social interactions and new friendships.  

Here’s What the BYU OHS Fall Schedule Will Look Like!

The 2020–2021 inaugural school year was an exciting and unique one for BYU Online High School.

Starting this fall, Semester Enrollment students will be able to participate in a hybrid learning schedule. What does that mean? Our English, math, social studies, and science teachers will hold one live online lesson per week. Electives and all other required courses will continue to be completed independently within the semester-based schedule.

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