Standard Diploma Track

The Standard Track offers students a full range of courses designed to prepare them for either the job market or a college education. The included courses prepare students to take the ACT or SAT and also offer a wide range of elective topics to suit personal interests or career goals. Students can choose to earn a high school diploma or finish with a high school transcript for college applications.

In addition, the following guidelines apply:

  • Applicants should be at least 14 years old.
  • Open Enrollment students must complete at least three courses every six months.
  • Students must complete 24.0 credits.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 3.0 BYU Independent Study credits, regardless of the number of credits earned at other schools.
  • Diploma: Complete a minimum of 6.0 credits (12 courses) through BYU Online High School; 3.0 credits (6 courses) of the 6.0 required may be split between the junior and senior year. Students must be enrolled in the semester in which they intend to graduate.

Note: Although most colleges accept credits from the BYU Online High School, students should always consult with their intended college before enrolling.

Required Courses (Utah State Standards)

English (4.0 credits)

Complete these courses:

9th Grade English:
ENGL 041, 043

10th Grade English:
ENGL 045, 047

11th Grade English:
ENGL 051, 053

12th Grade English:
ENGL 055, 057

Math (3.0 credits)

Complete these courses:

Algebra 1:
ALG 051, 053

GEOM 041, 043

Algebra 2:
ALG 055, 057


Secondary Mathematics I:
Math 051, 052

Secondary Mathematics II:
Math 053, 054

Secondary Mathematics III:
Math 055, 056

Science (3.0 credits)

Complete both sequences:

BIOL 041, 043 or
AP BIO 059, 060

Earth Science:
EARTH 041, 043

Complete any two of these courses:

BIOL 049
CHEM 061, 063
EARTH 051, 055
PHSCS 041, 043
PHYS 041

Social Science (3.0 credits)

Complete these courses:

US History:
HIST 041, 043 or
APHIST 061, 062

World Geography:
GEOG 041

Complete this course:

American Government:
GOVT 041

Complete one of these courses:

World History:
HIST 061, 062, 063, 064, 065, 066

Complete this course:

ECON 041

Health/Physical Education (2.0 credits)

Complete the following courses:

Health Education:
HLTH 041

Physical Education:
FIT 041

Complete any combination of the courses below for another 1 credit:

BOWL 041
FIT 049
GOLF 041
JOG 041
SWIM 043
TEN 041
WALK 041

Lifetime Weight Control: FIT 045
Health Education, Part2: HLTH 042
Eating Disorders and Basic Nutrition: HLTH 043 (0.25 credit)
Drug Use and Abuse: HLTH 045 (0.25 credit)
Medical Terminology: MEDIC 051
Preparing for Health Occupations: OCCUP 041
Why Try? Life Skills for Student Success: RES 041

Career & Technology Education (1.0 credit)

Complete any two of these courses:

Accounting: ACC 041
Digital Photography: ART 061
Automotive Basics: AUTO 043
Business Law: BLAW 041
Business and Consumer Math: BMATH 041, 043
Marketing: BMRKT 041
Child Development: CHILD 041, 043
Preparing for Responsible Parenthood: CHILD 051
Basic Clothing Construction: CLOTH 041
Clothing Fashion Fundamentals: CLOTH 047
Computer Science: CS 041, 043
Computer Technology: CTECH 041
Small Engine Repair: ENGN 041
Food and Nutrition: FOODS 041, 043
Home Gardening: GARD 041
Keyboarding: INFOP 041
Interior Design: INTDE 041

Digital Studies (0.5 credit)

Complete one of the following courses:

Computer Science: CS 041, 043
Computer Technology: CTECH 041

Fine Arts (1.5 credit)

Complete any three of these courses:

Art Foundations: ART 041, 043
Drawing: ART 045
Calligraphy: ART 051
Introduction to Commercial Art: ART 059
Digital Photography: ART 061
Public Speaking: COMMS 051
Beginning Guitar: GUITR 041
Introduction to Music: MUSIC 041
Beginning Piano: PIANO 041

Financial Literacy (0.5 credit)

Complete the following course:

Financial Literacy:
FINL 041

Elective (5.5 credits)

Complete 5.5 credits of elective courses:

An elective course is any nonrequired course offered that has not previously been taken. Courses that may fulfill the requirements for two or more subjects can only be counted once.

For students who plan to attend college, we recommend taking 2.0 credits of a world language sequence as elective courses.

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